We choosed names for our Frogs! They will be called Pickles and Grasshopper (that Kellie thinked of). Thanks, Kellie! While Pickels is all ready in the pond, Grasshopper wandered off and lives by the side of our house. We seen him there sometimes but I do not think I will attackify him because he is our pet.

Also, Mombean received our new POND PLANTS in the mails! We gotted quite a few, in total there is 6 different spe-cees. I think Pickles will like the new pond plants because there will be more hiding places for him. Sometime soon we will take photos of all our new plants but right now they are in a buckitt while mom is at work. We are watching them to make sure they do not go away.

And most importantly, we are so eggsited for Karl and Ruis!!! Because they gotted married. The ceremony was spect-acular. And Figaro camed as a Harvard Professor in his Harvard shirt so he gives this nice speech for Karl and Ruis:

"Dear Karl and Ruis, Your Wedding was SPECT-acular. I love your SPECTacles. As a very dist-inguish professor of Harvards, I wanted to tell you that you must remember to be very SPECT-acular to each other all of the times. Also, please feed each other stinky goodness as much as possible and remember your happiness on this day forevers. And do not forgets to share the catnips. As a last word, I will shares with you the meaning of life. The meaning of life was calculated by the great Machine in the series of books about Hitchikers, which we Harvards professors who are also happening to be kitties hold very dear and the meaning is 42. I hope you remember this in your happy life. -- Love and Catnip, Figaro"

Okay, that did NOT maked any senses. Just because mombean readed him one book he thinks he knows the meaning of life. But - we are both very happy for Karl and Ruis, and Fig meaned all the bests.

Frog Names

Figaro is silly and still cannot decide on the froggie names, although we gotted all good suggestions!!!

Here are the choices:

Fargo and Fritz (Chance)
Ribbitz and Tibbers (Chance)
Bruce and Hector (Tybalt)
Pickles and Grasshopper (Kellie)
Kermit and Frog (Daisy)
Fred the Frog and Frank the Frog (Meems)
Hippity and Hoppity (Zippy Sadie and Speedy)
Hans and Franz (Goldie)
Hip and Hop (Taylor Cats)

You can read the comments from our last post to see the reasonings for all them which are very good!
So...we are leening towards Pickles and Grasshopper, because the green one does look like a fat pickle and the grasshopper came in a pastry dish and grasshopper is a pie. What do you thinks???

Name our FROGS contest!

As some of you kitties might remember, we have gotted a pond. And in the pond we have got frogs. We have got 2 frogs. But they do not have names, so this is a contest who names the frogs the best. We have no ideas for their names so you guys pick some and then we decide which is the best one. Figaro is going to be the judge because mom said he needs to learn to participate in events on the bloggy. He hasn't been posting in a long time because he didn't get to visitate the grandparent beans since our cousin Missy over there is still sick since the neighbor cat put the BITEY on her tail, and she needs to not have any distracshuns. The winner of the contest will not get any presents because we already spended our allowance on giving moneys to Alley Cat Allies - sowwy!

Okay...here are the frogs.

FROG 1 - Frog 1 has been with us for over a year. He (or she, you pick) joined our pond last summer. We did not know if he would survived the winter because the pond freezed over but he did. He camed here all by his self. He is green. Click on it to see a larger picshur.
FROG 2 - Frog 2 arrivalled yesterday. Mombean finded him (or her) at grandma-bean's house when he gotted stuck in the storm window. She rescued him and putted him in our pond, because there are a lot of insects in our pond for him to eat. He camed in a pastry container. We are not sure if he will stayed with us or not because he is so new right now.

Today I got my very own mails!!! Remember when mom-bean dontatified $25 to Alley Cat Allies on my birthday?? Well...now I gotted mails from them. It was addressed to ME myself so I gotted to open it. The mails said a lot of important stuff about feral kitties. It said that most of the feral kitties who get trappified to go to the shelter don't get forever homes, and instead they DIES! This is very upsetting news for me. It said I should donate some green papers to help them. Even though we already donated, but it said that it is even better if we donates every single months. And I didn't have any green papers, but it said not to worry all I needs is a credit card. So Figaro gotted an idea and gotted mom-bean's credit card out of her purse, and we went secretly to my cat tree which is my own private place because the beans are too big to sit on it. And then we pledgified $8 per months to Alley Cat Allies. That was the lowest amount you can do, so I hopes mombean does not notice them take it off her credit card. I didn't ask for permissions because it is my own personal mails and I need to do personal things with it. It is a good thing because now we helps kitties to get trap and spay and neuter and released, instead of going in a prison shelter!!!

Here is the Figaro playing the Kart of Mario on the Wii. Lookit his skillz. Lookit his concentrations. He is a very good player, he watches dad-bean play everyday. But dadbean is out of town all week so he gets to play all to his self. (I only play occassionally and I am always little baby Peach when I plays.) Also last time Figaro played he put the bitey on the cord and dadbean toled him he is doing it rong. I heared you can plays it on-line against others - maybe we can tries it! Does anyones wants to play versus the Figaro in the game of Kart of Marios???

In other newses, we are still training on the red disk of the LitterKwitter. It is slow goings. We waits for the Multi-Kitty kit to arrives in the mails. But Figaro still hates to use even the red disk because he is the baby.

The toilet trainings begins again...

Mombean putted our LitterKwitter back on the toilet and tooked away our litter box yesterday morning. Then we did not use our LitterKwitter. She sitted with us in the baths room for 30 minutes last night and we did not do businesses. Then finally, at 5:30 in the morning she sitted with us again and finally Figaro did a big #1 business and I did a big, big #1 business. But it tooked forever and we are back on the red disk! This shows that 1 weeks is too long time to go away for the beans. Mombean gotted stressed out near the end and yelled at the Figaro to do a business and then he put the bitey on her leg!!! He gotted mad. Then mombean had to leave the room to cool down, because usually she is the calm of ladies with us.

Today she is hoping that the businesses will go more smoothly. At least Figaro did not do a business on the floor again! But - it was much harder than she expected to get us back on the toilet!!! Even I thinked it would be too much easier but I was surprised how difficult it was for me, and I am the smart of kitties...

PARTY-TIMES is over!

The parents gotted back yesterday from their vacations. The party times are over. Thanks everyone for comings to our awsom party. At the last minute though I sitted on the parent's suit-case and protestified their leavings. But then I had to go get a food and when I gotted back they already taked the suit-case to the car and then they lefted. So I am not a good boycotter.

Here is a photo of another thing that we didded while the parents were gone, we eated CUPcakes! I love cupcakes. These are strawberry flavour. There was cupcakes and 'nip to be had by alls. The S. Uncle was very nice. Also the Aunt V. camed over everyday to feed us in the afternoons after schools. We likes her. She played with Figaro and I just watched.

Here is the Figaro with his souven-ir. Can you guesses where the parents wented?? He really wanted a souven-ir, in particulars a sweatshirt of Harvards since he thinks he can goes there when he grows up. I telled him he needs to learn to use the toilet first and also he needs special skills before he can just goes there. Also after he putted on the sweatshirt, he went to use the potty and when he was in there he accidentally lefted the shirt in the potty. Yuck. I think it is too big on him so he gotted off his self even though normally he likes shirtses.
For my souven-ir I wanteds clam chowda but I did not getted it because the parents did not think its healthy for kitties. Whatevar!

We did missed the parents though because as soon as they gotted home I sat on their shoes and would not get up. And Fig purrified and purrified like the crazy of kitties.

Come join us for the partay here at our hous. Our parents are leaving onavacation toMORROW through next Wedsday. We are probably not gonna postify in that time because there is so much partying going on.

What are we gonna do??? We are going to have many people over. Grandma bean and other grandma bean are definitely going to come over to feed us many good foods. Also, Aunt V will be coming over now that she has her thing that is called a "licens" which means she can drive a bean car. (I hope to get one of those someday.) And Sw. Uncle is coming over. He is the coolest uncle because he plays with us a lot even though he is allergical. Sometimes he even spends the whole day and night here with us which is the funnest. His secret name for me is "roomie" because last summer I spended a week at his house and we hanged out a lot, until he finded out that he is allergical and now he just comes over here to takes care of us.
But - what else will we be doing when parent beans are gone? Of course, since they are gone we can do what we wants. I think I will hold a spa day on the kitchen table. See what I will be doing? Anyone can come over who wants to! I sometimes have spa days anyway during the day but they are cut short when the parents get back from work. Also, I will be exploring in the cabinets where I am not always allowed to go. Do you see my tail? I am very far inside the cabinet exploring it. Also, I will be playing "bartender" with the Figaro. Do you see me sitting on the bar? Figaro is giving me some moneys because I served him a nip tini. I am a good bartender. Normally I am not allowed on the bar. DUH! Figaro will not be going on the counter tops because I am the boss of kitties. Also, I will spend time lounging on the countertops. Do you see my tummy? Yes, it is cute. I love the countertops because they are always shiney and clean and I have a great views from them.
So...join us for the funS! I am sure the parent beans will not be having as many funs as us.

Mombean gotted home today and finded a LitterKwitter on her doorstep. She is very happy that it camed so soon. She gotted it all out and the first thing the Figaro did is tried it out. Mombean thinked it is hi-la-rious. I just looked at him like he is the nutty of kitties. SERIOUSLY, did he thinked he is in the bathroom?? Of course, he did not maked any businesses because mombean was right there watching him. But he seemed like he was thinking about it verrry serious-ly. Mombean decided it is a good sign that he liked the LitterKwitter. So she putted it on the toilet and Figaro went in there and in about 30 minutes he did the #2. Later tonight he did the #1 also. Of course we are using the red disk right now but also it is directly on the toilet since our homemade setup is on there right now and we uses it. For your references, this is approx-imately day 150 on our toilet trainings using the home-made setup. And day 1 on litterkwitter. Mombean said we has until the end of Novembers to start getting good at this or she is going to quit because that will make approx-imately 1 years of trainings. Although she said cleaning out the litter box over the weekend was the yuck mainly because we tracked the yuck clay litters all over the house (we decided to use the clay litters since we knows that is what goes in a litter box and mombean did not wanted to confuzzel us while her allergical laws of ins were in town.) So I can says today, Figaro was good with his businesses.

The Weekends Bringed Many Boredoms

Now I reports on our weekend with the allergical grandparent-beans. First, Here is a pick of the Figaro right after he gotted his bath on Friday before they arrivalled. Lookit his furs, they are funny and spiky and stringy and a little bit curly (by his tummy). I also gotted a bath but I do not like to show my picks until I am groomed very nicely.

We stayed the whole day in the parent-bean's bedroom during the visit. This was not too bads because Mombean bringed us ALL OUR TOYS. We had everything right there to play with. Plus we gotted the King-size bed all to ourselfs during the day. PLUS we gotted BREAKFAST IN BED! We also gotted Lunch and dinners bringed to us whenever we wanted in bed. We didn't even has to leave the bed all weekend if we didn't wanted to. Of course we left it and played with all our toys and explored. And a lot of the time Mombean was in there with us grading some papers that i was helping her with. (That she is almost finished.)

However the Figaro is such a little mama's boy bai-bee. He knocked on the door and threw his self at it and scritched anytime he heared Mombean talking in the living-room but he had to stayed in the bedroom. I was the mature of kitties compared to him.

Also, as soon as the grandparents beans left on Sunday afternoon and we gotted let out, we ran through the house like little maniacs. It was the fun of times. We explored everything but nothing changed at all. Except that some of the places smelled kind of funnies. And we are still not allows to go in the guests rooms.

By the way, our Litter Kwitter should be coming any days!!!

And...our Aunt V. hadded a great time at Proms!

I helps with gradings

We has to grade 200 egg-zams this week. It is a lot so we tries to helps the Mombean. Here is me doing some gradings. I am very good. The egg-zam books are blue which is not my favorite color but they are recycled papers so we are happy about that.

Here is what one of the students wrote on the egg-zams, for which I gave big A+ (but Mombean gaved B I think because his economics answers were not so grate). He writed: "kittens=happyness". This didn't have nothing to do with the egg-zam questions but Mombean liked it a lot so she writed in her red pen, "Yes this is an economic facts." Then on the nekst page he writed "I likes kittens don't you?" He also drawed some kittens. I liked that but Mombean didn't comment on that one. I thinked the kittens were cute but not as cute as me and Figaro. Do you see me with my red pen? I gots a red pen and mombean has gots one too but I am mostly chewing on mine and mombean is writing with hers. Also another bean student was suppose to writed about the three groups that are possible for labors that are "unemployeded, employded, and not in the labor force." BUT he writed "employeded, investing jobs, not in the labor force." We thinked that one made no sense. If I was taking that class I would write "employded, unemployeded, not in the labor force, and kitteh." Because they leaved out that important groups!
Oh - and my Aunt V. is going to THE PROM today. I think this is very important although I do not knows what it is. For THE PROM, mombean is lending her some jewelries. I wants to borrow jewelries too but Mombean said NO because I am not going to THE PROM. Her dress is silver which is almost like gray which is the color that I am!!! I am very proud of this. I guess for THE PROM I has to be a Senior and I am not one of those. Although I wished I was.
I probably won't get to go help her get ready because I have to stay home to welcomes the grandparent beans when they come this afternoon, since the parents will be at work we will be the only ones home.
Also, we gotted the litter box back and I do not likes it. After I do a business, I keeps digging and digging and digging for AN HOUR until Mombean comes and scoops it! I feel like the toilet just takes away the wastes very very quickly but in the box it stays there for a long times. I am very annoyed about this. But however our LitterKwitter shipped today so we are getting it soon! And now Figaro is digging all around trying to find a place to do a business that is NOT the litter box. What a silly Fig.

Happy May Days!

Hello all-kitties. Today is the Day of May Day and I gives you a May Day baskit that I found online. It is too cute. I wants to make my own May Day baskit but we didn't have good flowars in our backyard yet.

It is also the Thursday 13 so I am going to lists all the 13 top search keywords for my site again. They are even funnier than before! (Most recent first)

1. dirty daisy --- hi-larious (now they thinked there is Daisy on OUR bloggy too)

2. maked in the bathroom --- what was they finking??

3. maked in the bathroom --- a-NOTHER one? (This one went to the post "Figaro Maked the Big of Puddles on the Bathroom Floor)

4. verbinum flower plants --- that one maked sense!

5. bloggy natural --- yes blogging kitties are very very NATURAL and normal

6. snowball verbinum --- yes we plantid one of these too

7. verbinums ---yes

8. are figs bad for cats --- no but Figs are bad for VERONICAS

9. snowball verbinum --- goodness, those are populars!

10. snowball verbinum

11. buy bond funds 2008 --- ha haw, someone gotted investment advices from me

12. toilet veronica --- what was this dood finking??? toilet veronica?? how in-a-proppriate

13. vanguard -- again, I was very popular for that article

And as an updait - we ordered the LitterKwitter on eBay for $55 including shippings. That is an okay price. Again, fanks George Dubya (PS because we used our Economic Stimulus Check). I also used my $5 Gift Card for eBay that my Uncle gaved me for my birfday. But mombean said since that is not the greatest of presents for a bai-bee she will buys me some catnips instead for that $5 at the Smart of Pets store.


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