Figaro invites kittehs for Mario-Kart tournament!

Here is the Figaro playing the Kart of Mario on the Wii. Lookit his skillz. Lookit his concentrations. He is a very good player, he watches dad-bean play everyday. But dadbean is out of town all week so he gets to play all to his self. (I only play occassionally and I am always little baby Peach when I plays.) Also last time Figaro played he put the bitey on the cord and dadbean toled him he is doing it rong. I heared you can plays it on-line against others - maybe we can tries it! Does anyones wants to play versus the Figaro in the game of Kart of Marios???

In other newses, we are still training on the red disk of the LitterKwitter. It is slow goings. We waits for the Multi-Kitty kit to arrives in the mails. But Figaro still hates to use even the red disk because he is the baby.


  1. DEBRA said...

    Figaro you are one cool kitty!

  2. Daisy said...

    Whoa! Fig knows how to play on the Wii! We do not have a Wii or any video games. If I did, it would be fun to race against Figaro!  

  3. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    We would love to play dat Mario Kart game wif Fig, but we don't gots a Wii. We wil prolly neffur haf a Wii cuz mom and dad are geezers and geezers don't haf Wii's.  

  4. Kellie The Orange Cat said...

    Ha, ha, ha....that is a very cute picture!  

  5. Gandalf & Grayson said...

    We don't have a Wii! Good gaming Fig!  

  6. Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

    I didn't know I could play with the Wii. I've just been whapped in the head with the wiimote, thank goodness for wiimote jackets!



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