LitterKwitter arrivalled! (Day 1 - red disk)

Mombean gotted home today and finded a LitterKwitter on her doorstep. She is very happy that it camed so soon. She gotted it all out and the first thing the Figaro did is tried it out. Mombean thinked it is hi-la-rious. I just looked at him like he is the nutty of kitties. SERIOUSLY, did he thinked he is in the bathroom?? Of course, he did not maked any businesses because mombean was right there watching him. But he seemed like he was thinking about it verrry serious-ly. Mombean decided it is a good sign that he liked the LitterKwitter. So she putted it on the toilet and Figaro went in there and in about 30 minutes he did the #2. Later tonight he did the #1 also. Of course we are using the red disk right now but also it is directly on the toilet since our homemade setup is on there right now and we uses it. For your references, this is approx-imately day 150 on our toilet trainings using the home-made setup. And day 1 on litterkwitter. Mombean said we has until the end of Novembers to start getting good at this or she is going to quit because that will make approx-imately 1 years of trainings. Although she said cleaning out the litter box over the weekend was the yuck mainly because we tracked the yuck clay litters all over the house (we decided to use the clay litters since we knows that is what goes in a litter box and mombean did not wanted to confuzzel us while her allergical laws of ins were in town.) So I can says today, Figaro was good with his businesses.


  1. Kellie The Orange Cat said...

    The LitterKwitter looks very interesting! I will have to talk to my Mum about something like that.  

  2. Daisy said...

    I am glad you're off to such a good start with your LitterKwitter!  

  3. The Crew said...

    A very interesting idea, but I'm too old to try something new. I'll just continue using my litterbox.


  4. hello & mimmy said...

    good job fig! he looks like he made friends with the LK already! i hope it is a good sign that he will do his biznesses better now than with the homemade setup.

    mommy says i get my LK back on thursday. she can't wait to put the litter box away again.

    your bff,

  5. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    great job Fig! you are a smart smart smart boy. i hope the litterkwitter works always for you!  

  6. Dark n Stormy said...

    wow!! I'm impressed!  


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