I helps with gradings

We has to grade 200 egg-zams this week. It is a lot so we tries to helps the Mombean. Here is me doing some gradings. I am very good. The egg-zam books are blue which is not my favorite color but they are recycled papers so we are happy about that.

Here is what one of the students wrote on the egg-zams, for which I gave big A+ (but Mombean gaved B I think because his economics answers were not so grate). He writed: "kittens=happyness". This didn't have nothing to do with the egg-zam questions but Mombean liked it a lot so she writed in her red pen, "Yes this is an economic facts." Then on the nekst page he writed "I likes kittens don't you?" He also drawed some kittens. I liked that but Mombean didn't comment on that one. I thinked the kittens were cute but not as cute as me and Figaro. Do you see me with my red pen? I gots a red pen and mombean has gots one too but I am mostly chewing on mine and mombean is writing with hers. Also another bean student was suppose to writed about the three groups that are possible for labors that are "unemployeded, employded, and not in the labor force." BUT he writed "employeded, investing jobs, not in the labor force." We thinked that one made no sense. If I was taking that class I would write "employded, unemployeded, not in the labor force, and kitteh." Because they leaved out that important groups!
Oh - and my Aunt V. is going to THE PROM today. I think this is very important although I do not knows what it is. For THE PROM, mombean is lending her some jewelries. I wants to borrow jewelries too but Mombean said NO because I am not going to THE PROM. Her dress is silver which is almost like gray which is the color that I am!!! I am very proud of this. I guess for THE PROM I has to be a Senior and I am not one of those. Although I wished I was.
I probably won't get to go help her get ready because I have to stay home to welcomes the grandparent beans when they come this afternoon, since the parents will be at work we will be the only ones home.
Also, we gotted the litter box back and I do not likes it. After I do a business, I keeps digging and digging and digging for AN HOUR until Mombean comes and scoops it! I feel like the toilet just takes away the wastes very very quickly but in the box it stays there for a long times. I am very annoyed about this. But however our LitterKwitter shipped today so we are getting it soon! And now Figaro is digging all around trying to find a place to do a business that is NOT the litter box. What a silly Fig.


  1. Tybalt said...

    Veronica, you are such a smart kitty! I think grading economics exams must be very hard. Your mommy is so lucky to have you to help! I think your Aunt V. probably picked silver because you are such a gorgeous ladycat, and she wanted to try to be as pretty as you. Purrs!  

  2. Victor Tabbycat said...

    We try to help our boy wif his homewerk. We watch the printer fur papers escaping an sleep on hims notebooks. I's also putted toys in hims backpack to make him smile. He always brings my toys back, too. Purrs!  

  3. DEBRA said...


    Wow you are working too hard you deserve a break and some treats! Extra treats for efurrything you helped with today.


  4. Artsy Catsy said...

    Veronica, you are a great grader, but be careful -- if you're good, your mom might want you to grade ALL the exams forever, which would definitely cut into nap time!


  5. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Yoor furry smart Veronica...our bean niece wented to 2 proms and a Homecoming. Dey is dances and she dressed up really purrty.  

  6. Daisy said...

    That class sounds very, very hard!

    ps: I get many of my fashions from Build-a-Bear! Since I am only 6 pounds, I can fit into them.

    Dirty Daisy is somebody who makes very dirty movies that people likes to watch! I am not sure why being dirty is so enjoyable.  


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