Frog Names

Figaro is silly and still cannot decide on the froggie names, although we gotted all good suggestions!!!

Here are the choices:

Fargo and Fritz (Chance)
Ribbitz and Tibbers (Chance)
Bruce and Hector (Tybalt)
Pickles and Grasshopper (Kellie)
Kermit and Frog (Daisy)
Fred the Frog and Frank the Frog (Meems)
Hippity and Hoppity (Zippy Sadie and Speedy)
Hans and Franz (Goldie)
Hip and Hop (Taylor Cats)

You can read the comments from our last post to see the reasonings for all them which are very good!
So...we are leening towards Pickles and Grasshopper, because the green one does look like a fat pickle and the grasshopper came in a pastry dish and grasshopper is a pie. What do you thinks???


  1. DEBRA said...

    Oh those are some fabulous names! WE laffed and laffed at Pickles and Grasshopper...those are our favorites although we were having a hard time picking from all those great choices....boy you have a tough decision to make...


  2. Daisy said...

    Pickle and Grasshopper are my favorites, too!  

  3. Kellie The Orange Cat said...

    Oh, I am so glad that you liked my names! *blush*  


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