The Weekends Bringed Many Boredoms

Now I reports on our weekend with the allergical grandparent-beans. First, Here is a pick of the Figaro right after he gotted his bath on Friday before they arrivalled. Lookit his furs, they are funny and spiky and stringy and a little bit curly (by his tummy). I also gotted a bath but I do not like to show my picks until I am groomed very nicely.

We stayed the whole day in the parent-bean's bedroom during the visit. This was not too bads because Mombean bringed us ALL OUR TOYS. We had everything right there to play with. Plus we gotted the King-size bed all to ourselfs during the day. PLUS we gotted BREAKFAST IN BED! We also gotted Lunch and dinners bringed to us whenever we wanted in bed. We didn't even has to leave the bed all weekend if we didn't wanted to. Of course we left it and played with all our toys and explored. And a lot of the time Mombean was in there with us grading some papers that i was helping her with. (That she is almost finished.)

However the Figaro is such a little mama's boy bai-bee. He knocked on the door and threw his self at it and scritched anytime he heared Mombean talking in the living-room but he had to stayed in the bedroom. I was the mature of kitties compared to him.

Also, as soon as the grandparents beans left on Sunday afternoon and we gotted let out, we ran through the house like little maniacs. It was the fun of times. We explored everything but nothing changed at all. Except that some of the places smelled kind of funnies. And we are still not allows to go in the guests rooms.

By the way, our Litter Kwitter should be coming any days!!!

And...our Aunt V. hadded a great time at Proms!


  1. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    poor kitties having to have a bath. i'm glad you had so much fun with all your toys and stuff in one room! all your meals in bed? wow. that is good training.

    i'll admit, i'd probably cry like Fig after a while. i don't like to be left out of things...  

  2. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    We are sorry to hear you had to stay in one room while you had visitors. We get weekly baths - we need them to stay healthy. Breakfast in bed sounds yummy!  

  3. The Meezers said...

    sounds like a boring weekend. Billy would haf peed on the bed.  

  4. Tybalt said...

    Veronica, you and Figaro are brave kitties to have a bath! I have never had a bath and I hope I never have to have one. At least you got to eat in bed, even if you were just confined to that one room . . . I'm like Figaro, I would have cried and scratched at the door to try to get out to my mommy.

    I'm glad Aunt V had a great time at the prom!

    Thanks so much for coming to my party today! Purrrrrrrrrs.

    (PS: Mommy has always had mixed feelings about horsie racing - she loves seeing the horsies and how much they love to run, but she hates the thought of any animal being used just for bean amusement. Now she doesn't know if she'll ever watch racing again.)  

  5. Parker said...

    I would have cried and cried if i heard Mommy but couldn't get to her! You were a very good kitty not to be like me!
    I am glad you are out and about now!  

  6. Marina said...

    Hi Veronica! That is so funny Fig got a bath. I think Chester would hate me forever if I made him have a bath. He cleans himself really nicely all the time though, so he doesn't smell icky. Although sometimes his breath smells like cat food!!

    Man cats are so silly sometimes. They are not really as smart as girl cats, but I think sometimes they might be a little cuddlier. (Thats because men are needy) ha ha.

    Chester likes his Furminator so far. After I furminate him for a little bit he gets bored and starts to attack the brush, but he purrs and purrs and doesn't try and escape so I know he likes it. I think it works awesome too! No big clumps of white hair are on my carpet and couch anymore so its awesome!

    Can't wait for you guys to get your LK!!!  

  7. Daisy said...

    Well, it does sound just a little bit boring. Veronica, I am not surprised that you acted more mature than Fig, because everyone knows girlcats are more mature. But I also think you are very brave, because whenever we have a guest over, I WANT to stay in the bedroom, under the bed.  

  8. hello & mimmy said...

    mimmy stays in momma's bedroom under her bed all the time. when she was first here, she stayed in her rooms for over 2 weeks b/c she was a fraidy cat to go downstairs. momma even put her food and water bowls under the bed for her. how did you like your bath? i never had one before. so you get to keep your litterbox until the LK comes? my paws are crossed for you that figaro likes using the LK and stops pottying in the tub and on the carpets and in the potty cube.

    oh momma says she'll be better about blogging once we start TT again.

    your bff,

  9. TT said...

    I must say Figaro looks furry cute all wet. But I know, I do nots like to get wet either, unless it is my own tongue that do's it.  

  10. The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

    Oh, poor babies! Getting wet is not fun!  


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