PARTY-TIMES is over!

The parents gotted back yesterday from their vacations. The party times are over. Thanks everyone for comings to our awsom party. At the last minute though I sitted on the parent's suit-case and protestified their leavings. But then I had to go get a food and when I gotted back they already taked the suit-case to the car and then they lefted. So I am not a good boycotter.

Here is a photo of another thing that we didded while the parents were gone, we eated CUPcakes! I love cupcakes. These are strawberry flavour. There was cupcakes and 'nip to be had by alls. The S. Uncle was very nice. Also the Aunt V. camed over everyday to feed us in the afternoons after schools. We likes her. She played with Figaro and I just watched.

Here is the Figaro with his souven-ir. Can you guesses where the parents wented?? He really wanted a souven-ir, in particulars a sweatshirt of Harvards since he thinks he can goes there when he grows up. I telled him he needs to learn to use the toilet first and also he needs special skills before he can just goes there. Also after he putted on the sweatshirt, he went to use the potty and when he was in there he accidentally lefted the shirt in the potty. Yuck. I think it is too big on him so he gotted off his self even though normally he likes shirtses.
For my souven-ir I wanteds clam chowda but I did not getted it because the parents did not think its healthy for kitties. Whatevar!

We did missed the parents though because as soon as they gotted home I sat on their shoes and would not get up. And Fig purrified and purrified like the crazy of kitties.


  1. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Cupcakes are furry good! Isn't nice to haf da beans back, we don't tell dem but we really miss dem when dey go away...  

  2. Daisy said...

    Well, even though the party is over, I'll bet you are very glad your mom and dad are back. I am pretty sure that he needs to learn to use the toilet before Fig can be accepted into Harvard. So he should keep practicing some more. He looks very nice in his souvenir t-shirt!  

  3. The Crew said...

    Ooohhh cupcakes, and with pink frosting! Are there any left?

    Your friend

  4. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    We are glad to hear that your humasn are back! Enjoy spending some time with them. :) That's a cute souvenir!  

  5. meemsnyc said...

    That looks like a delicious cupcake!  

  6. hello & mimmy said...

    hi veronica,
    hmm, it seems like you should have gotten the harvard shirt instead of fig. (unless of course you are a yaley) hopefully the shirt will make him smarter and he can finally finish his toilet trainings! did you save me a cupcake?

    your BFF,


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