Happy May Days!

Hello all-kitties. Today is the Day of May Day and I gives you a May Day baskit that I found online. It is too cute. I wants to make my own May Day baskit but we didn't have good flowars in our backyard yet.

It is also the Thursday 13 so I am going to lists all the 13 top search keywords for my site again. They are even funnier than before! (Most recent first)

1. dirty daisy --- hi-larious (now they thinked there is Daisy on OUR bloggy too)

2. maked in the bathroom --- what was they finking??

3. maked in the bathroom --- a-NOTHER one? (This one went to the post "Figaro Maked the Big of Puddles on the Bathroom Floor)

4. verbinum flower plants --- that one maked sense!

5. bloggy natural --- yes blogging kitties are very very NATURAL and normal

6. snowball verbinum --- yes we plantid one of these too

7. verbinums ---yes

8. are figs bad for cats --- no but Figs are bad for VERONICAS

9. snowball verbinum --- goodness, those are populars!

10. snowball verbinum

11. buy bond funds 2008 --- ha haw, someone gotted investment advices from me

12. toilet veronica --- what was this dood finking??? toilet veronica?? how in-a-proppriate

13. vanguard -- again, I was very popular for that article

And as an updait - we ordered the LitterKwitter on eBay for $55 including shippings. That is an okay price. Again, fanks George Dubya (PS because we used our Economic Stimulus Check). I also used my $5 Gift Card for eBay that my Uncle gaved me for my birfday. But mombean said since that is not the greatest of presents for a bai-bee she will buys me some catnips instead for that $5 at the Smart of Pets store.


  1. Tybalt said...

    Happy May Day!

    #8 made me snicker.  

  2. DEBRA said...

    Happy May Day to you!

    Enjoyed the TT!


  3. Daisy said...

    Hahahaha: Fig is not good for Veronica!

    I think people are searching everywhere for Dirty Daisy! She is very popular.  


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