A new Training plan?

Mombean is thinking about a new Training plan. Figaro just keeps having accidents and we did not move a STEP forward since before the Christmas holidays - that is almost 4 of months on the same step! And we have been toilet trainings since Novembers!

Next weekend we have relati-ves coming and the week after that the parent beans are going on a 5 days vacation. So we will be back on our regular litter box for about 1 weeks.

Mombean thinks, Figaro is having so many accidents, maybe we needs to switch the setup? She thinks, maybe, we buys the LitterKwitter and proceed with the trainings from steps 1. We have so many friends who goed on LitterKwitter, like Hello and Chanel and Tanya and Mist and Smoke and Chester who are so far ahead of us in trainings even though they started later. We is tired of trying to modifies the setup we have now that is home-made, and also Hefty stopped making the special disposable inserts we was using. Mamaw looked for them in all the stores. Maybe our setup is just unsteady or else Figaro feels funny on it. Mombean said she can use our Economic Stimulus Check to buys it! Fanks, George Dubya! (LOL).

So...you kitties-in-Training, what do yous thinks? Did switching from the homemade setup to the LitterKwitter helps you??? We is very curious and we takes all advices.


  1. hello & mimmy said...

    hi veronica- i think getting the litter kwitter is definitely worth a shot. it is very sturdy. i think the RP technique usually fails because kitties find it unsturdy. unfortunately, the LK is a large investment. try to buy one cheaper on ebay and if you can't find the intermediate discs, i can loan them to you.

    was fig using the LB 100% with no accidents before you started TT?


  2. Dark n Stormy said...

    Hey there!

    I hated the homemade set-up! I can't tell u how many cuts I got with the heavy utility scissors and sharp RP and sitz bath edges. And when something didn't work, I had to figure out how to go backwards. I don't have time for that!

    Even though the Litter Kwitter is more expensive, I think it might come close to the cost of buying all the supplies needed for multiple homemade set-ups needed for "special" kittys ;) like Figaro and Chanel. Those things add up, too! I would REALLY be at my wit's end and back to the litter box if I were using a homemade set-up right now!

    The really impressive show of how well the Litter Kwitter works after a homemade set-up is with Smoke & Mist. They are on the Intermediate Green disk already!!! I am shocked!!

    The LK is simple, which gives u a bit more peace of mind. No more worrying about how ur going to adjust the set-up if the current set-up does work.

    I wonder though, will Figaro actually 'get it' while using the LK? Will something click in his head about what to do? It's hard to know. But if u really want to see if they can be TT, I would get the LK.  

  3. Marina said...

    Hi Veronica!

    I'm sure you will like the litter kwitter a lot, it is super easy to use. Did your mom bean buy the kit with the extra rings in it? We just taped a piece of plastic in it since the hole was sooo scary for Chester.

    Good luck!!  


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