Some beans are allergical...

This weekend my grandparent-beans (not the ones I see all the time, the other ones) are coming to visit us from very, very far away. They are going to stays in our housey, which means that since we usually use the guest bathroom for our toilet trainings, we will have to gived up the trainings and use a litter box instead. Also, our grandpa-bean is allergical to kittehs! How weird, right! I did not knowed before that beans are allergical. So mombean is going to do a lot of things on friday to help get rids of danders.

Here are some things she will be doings:

1. cleanings of the carpets, couches, mattresses
2. we have to get BATHS
3. running of the HEPA filters
4. we have to get confined to the master bedroom for the weekend - but at least I can takes my laptop in theres with me and surf the innernets whenever I feel like its

Yuck! But, Figaro will be relieved about the break from toilet trainings.


  1. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    uh oh, sounds like you guys better get under the bed or you might get baths too!!  

  2. Victor Tabbycat said...

    We gots an allergical grampa, too, but they only ate wif us. Dat was when Bonnie got so stressed, she stopped eatin. Maybe she's allergical to HIM!  

  3. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    We is furry lucky cuz we gots no 'lerjic relatifs. We do haf one 'lerjic frend and da poor guy loves us...he takes pills so he can come visit.  

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    mommy's friend was in town over the weekend but he was not allergical. whew! we hate baths. mimmy and i like to play chase around the house at 4 am now. drives mommy crazy!  

  5. goldenshade said...

    Sounds like a lot of work to get everyone ready for the visit. That happens sometimes. I wonder if us kitties are ever allergic to beans?



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