Figaro's Embarrassing Petsmart Party 'Xperience

I am posting this for the Figaro because he is too embarrassing to post himself, about his trip to the Petsmart Birfday Party. First of all, he was excited all week about the party. I can tell because anytime the parent beans mentioned the party he was all purrified. The dad bean even got home early from worky so that they could takes him!!!

The party was at 6pm. Mombean drove and Figaro sat on dadbean's lap the whole way there (it is about 20 minutes acrost town). He was purrified the whole way there, purrifying and purrifying and shedding on dadbean while he gotted many many scritches. He wored his chocolate bow. He even thinked he might be able to participate in the contest later for getting a prize for showing a high five!! Since he knows how to do it at home. He was even continuing to purrify when the parents gotted out of the car and walked to the petsmart. Look at these photos, he looks so happy.

THEN they gotted in the petsmart and there were a lot of doggies there and Figaro FREEKED. He was hidings in dadbean's neck and wouldn't look. The parents even went to show him some birides and he was too scaredy-cat to look at thems!!!
There were free photos by a professional photographer with a balloons background and all the doggies were waiting in line to have their picshur taken!! But Figaro did not want to do it. He hided his self in dadbean's neck and meowled like a scaredy cat!!! Lookit how scaredy he looks.
So the mombean gotted the pond bacterias she needed for our pond, and then they checked out. The salesclerk even asked the Figaro why he is being so scaredy and offered that he should stay for a photo but the Figaro just hided some more. The salesclerk even noticed the Figaro's SoftPaws! Of course like most peoples he thinked that the mombean has painted Figaro's nails purple. When in fact that is not true.
He did not act like a Mancat. Now he is sorry because he's been feeling embarrassing all day!!! I laffed at him because I knowed he would not be able to be brave enuff!!! But I am not a very mean sister cat so I also groomed him a lot and cuddled him when he gotted home, so he wouldn't feel too bads.


  1. Monty Q. Kat said...

    I have purple Soft Paws too-they helped when I was lost last year, 'cause they showed beans I was somebody's pet.  

  2. Vincent and Mike said...

    Oh, poor Figaro. We're so sorry you didn't have fun at the birfday party. We think they should have events for kitties only, just doggies can be such, well doggies and kitties like things quieter. We don't think you should be embarassed, tho, cuz we think it was very brave of you to even want to go in there!  

  3. The Furry Kids said...

    It's ok to be askeered around a bunch of dawgs. Most of them aren't as nice to kitties as they could be.


  4. Tybalt said...

    Oh, poor Figaro! Doggies are very scary when you aren't used to them, I bet. I will even hide from my doggie brother and sister sometimes when they get too loud and rowdy. I am very sorry Figaro didn't get to enjoy the birthday party, especially when he looked so handsome in his tie!  

  5. Parker said...

    Awwww, poor Figaro! All handsome and combed and dressed up! I am sorry that you got scared by the woofies! They can be big and loud and, well woofie-like!
    They shoudl have a day just for kitties to come for their photos!
    My brother Diamond would like to apologize for the entire woofie race (except for Titus, who would never scare a kitty!)  

  6. Daisy said...

    Poor Figaro, and he was looking forward to the party and everything! But I must admit that I would be far too scared to even enter the building.  

  7. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    We don't blame yoo Fig, we'd be scared wif all dem woofies around too! Yeah, Petsmart should haf a kitties only party, cept we would prolly start fighting wif each other anyway.  

  8. TT said...

    Figao, I is sorry that you has to go through all thats. When I go to see the v-e-t bean, there are lots of woofies there and it makes me scairt too! Woofies has a way of being loud,noisy,stinky and nosey. I do not's like when's they try to sniff me. I say you deserves a special treat for being so brave!  

  9. Tiger Lily said...

    I am sorry you were so scared by the woofies at PetSmart Figaro. I am not scared of woofies because I live with two of them but I am very scared of strange people. So I know how you felt! You do not need to be embarrassed.  

  10. meemsnyc said...

    Oh Figaro, sorry to hear that the doggies scared you so! Mean doggies. Your brown bow tie is awfully cute on you!  

  11. hello & mimmy said...

    poor fig. mommy took me to petsmart on a wed night when they have woofie obedience classes and i was scared too b/c there were so many big doggies EVERYWHERE! we don't go on wednesdays anymore.

    we didn't go to the petsmart birthday party. mommy wasn't feeling good and she had a feeling there would be lots of doggies there.

    i hope you feel betters.


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