Thursday 13 - Mombean's top 13 INVESTING TIPS!

My mombean is doing many researchers on investings because she is an 'conomist.

Here is the top 13 tips that I heared her discussify recently. I shares them with you because I like to dissipates knowledges around everywheres.

1. Save moneys and start investings earlys so when you retires you have lots of green papers to take out from the banks.

2. Maxify the moneys in your Roth IRA. That is highly important. Unfortunately kitties do not get allowed to have Roth IRAs but the maximum for beans is $5,000 green papers per year, if their income is not too high because it gets phaseded out after a high incomes. These are goods because the governments cannot take any of your green papers away as taxes when you removes them from your Roth.

3. Maxify the moneys in your 401(k). Sometimes you can even maxify moneys in a 403(b) ANd a 457 which is the best for money conservations. You should maxify your 401(k) especially if you get matchings from your employer! Its like free green papers. If you don't get matchings, your maxification can reduce your tax liability for that year and the moneys goes in before taxes. But you get taxified on it when you takes it back out.

4. If you have childrens you can also maxify money in your Education 529 fund which also does not get taxified when it goes for paying colleges. Also in some states you get tax credits for maxifying in here, and the account can be given to any relative if you decides the child is genious and gets many scholarships. Unfortunately kittehs cannot be beneficiaries of this fund! Too bad!

5. Diversify your fundings. Investing in mutual fundings is important within your 401s Roths and etcs. But they have to be diversified! You must get some mutual fundings that are in the U.S., some which are in the foreign countries, some which are Small cap funds, and some which are Large cap funds, and furthermore there are growth funds and value funds. You can have 50 per cents in international funds and 50 per cents in U.S. funds. Then out of those 50 per cents can go in large and 50 in small, and from those 50 per cents in value funds and 50 per cents in blend funds, or else 70 per cents in value funds and 30 per cents in growth funds. Value funds and small funds perform betters over time but they can also be volatile. If you diversify it is good because you are getting less risks!

6. Make sure you are a little bit safe too. You have to add the bond funds. A good mix is a total bond index like Vanguard Total Bond Index. Or else you can do half-and-half in short terms and intermediate terms fundings.

7. Make sure aside from retirements you have moneys saved up in case an emergencies like you loses your job! I thinks it is good to have 5-6 months of expenses moneys for that.

8. Of course pays down your credit cards first becaues they have high percentages!!!

9. For investifying, it is best to do INDEXING. Index funds are not actively managed, which reduces the taxification every year. They are also better because computers pick out which fundings are good and puts them in that fund, and you do not have a financial expert maniging anything. Economics research shows that these kind of experts do not really do significantly better jobs. If you have indexings you have way way cheapers expense ratio! The expense ratio is the amount of moneys that the fund takes out of your moneys EVERY year even if your fundings are doing badly! Compare, for examples, a high expenses ratio of 1.07% from an actively managed fund to the 0.10% in a Fidelity index funds! It maked a big difference if you have many green moneys!

10. If you buy indexings usually there is no loads. A loads can be as big as 5% which means you have to pay 5% of any moneys you put in to the funds! that is a front-end load. Sometimes there is a back-end load you have to pay when you takes it out!!! That is many green papers! If you are carefuls and get index funds you do not haves to pay a load!

11. Some good investings firms for this type of investings is: Fidelity and Vanguard. Those are our tops choices, Vanguard specially.

12. Sometimes ETFs are good choices too, they are exchange traded fundings. But it takes many more works to understands them.

13. Don't be too passionates about moneys! Don't take them outs when the markets is bad because you are just losing moneys. Leave them in there over a long time and they will grows like flowers and can eats them. Like I do.

Now it will be interesting to see if google keyword searches for Investing will now lead unsuspecting beans to my website....

P.S., Figaro peed in the bathtub last weekend.


  1. hello & mimmy said...

    veronica- you are the smartest kitty. i'm so glad you are my BFF. you just reminded mommy that she needs to rollover her 401K at fidelity into her 401K at vanguard whatever that means. okay, i'm going to postify on my blog now. i'm sorry i have been so lazy. please don't be mad anymore.

    your BFF,

  2. Daisy said...

    Wow, you and your mom are smart! Thanks for sharing your tips with us. And for letting us know what Fig did!  

  3. hello & mimmy said...

    mommy and i both posted today! come back to my blog and read my thursday 13! i missed blogging!



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