One Tired Mom-Bean

My mombean just finished her big presentation for worky. It is called a "defense" like what i do when Figaro attackifies me. She only has to gives one more after this in a few years and then she can be done with her educations. Of course I was not the good kitty this morning because at 3 AM I sat on her in the bed and meowed a lot to be petted so she did that and then she got kind of tired in the morning for the presentation. This afternoon she's gonna go get us some foods because we are all OUT of foods in our housey since mom-bean was so busy with her defenses. Gollys.

Pease out,



  1. Daisy said...

    I'll bet your mom feels exhausted! I heard that stressful things can make you feel awfully tired. But now she can relax and have fun, right!?  

  2. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    i hear that bean work can make them tired and stressed. at least my beans use that as an excuse.

    i'm sure your mommy was very grateful that you needed and wanted her affections even at 3am.

    luckily, my training post is still'll all laugh when you see it.  

  3. Marina said...

    Oh Veronica, you are so lucky that your mom is nice to pet you at that time! I'm such a mean mommy, Chester used to love to come wake me up at 3am, so I put a squirt bottle beside the bed, and he would get a squirt in the face every time he woke me up.  

  4. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    Hi Veronica & Fig! I finally got my training post up. It is all about being so cute that your beans can't remove your new favorite "spot"
    I hope you enjoy it!  


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