Man-bun Monday

Today we seed a man-bun by our pond. Do you see the pond? Mombean and dadbean have been working on making it nice. I am waiting outside and watching the man-bun because I am not allowed to go outside when there are buns out, since I might chase and scaredy them! Can you see the man-bun in the background of my photo? He likes to come now that there is a pond to drinky out of.

In other news (which are bad news) the Figaro did a bad thing last night. The parent beans camed home with two of their friends and finded - poopy all over the carpet!! Here is what happened, the Figaro has very long bottom-hairs. We thinks that the Figaro made the #2, and then it got stucked on his bottom-hairs. So he squiggled his bottom around on the carpet all over the hallway and gotted poopy everywhere. It took long times to clean up for the mom-bean and then after that Mombean said something about being all sobered up now. I thinks she was having some drinkies before that!! Yipes. The parent beans were also very embarrassing in front of the companies. Of course he did not mean it, mombean said she will be giving his bottom a hair-cut again soon, like he gotted last month!


  1. Tybalt said...

    I see the manbun!

    Poor Fig isn't having a good month, is he? :(  

  2. meemsnyc said...

    Awww Man bun! How cute.  

  3. Girl Girl Hamster said...

    Hello Veronica, thanks for dropping by my blog. You sure are a cute kitty  

  4. Dark n Stormy said...

    OMG!! How gross!
    That happened to Chanel once. I was petting her and felt something near her tail I had no idea what this little bead was stuck to her butt! Then I realized. EWW! I washed my hand and her butt.

    Your comment about pretending to do business was funny. When I was in the bathroom at the sink or mirror, Chanel used to come in and hop up to the toilet and just squat for a second and then jump down asking for treats. "You didn't even do anything little girl!", I would say.
    It was funny. She doesn't do it anymore. I think she realized that she has to produce to get something. :)

    I got a bird feeder a couple weeks ago. T & C are mesmorized at the window! It's so funny.


  5. Daisy said...

    I am so sorry for laughing, but why does stuff like that always happen when company comes over!?

    One time, when we sold our old house there was a home inspector who came to the house with the buyers, and we left the house with our real estate agent. When we came back, we saw that someone had closed the bathroom door with the litterbox in it. When we went into that bathroom, we saw that Pixie had made a gigantic, stinky poop that was hanging off the edge of the litterbox. It stunk the whole house up!  


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