Earth Days - what my beans did to get readys!

It is the Day of Earths today! Happy Day of Earths, everyone. It is also the Petsmart Birthday Party and Figaro is going to it. Tomorrows I will share the whole store of his trip with picshurs!

But, here is what my beans have been doing to get ready for earth day.

1. Mombean became a vegitarians. I wanted to become a vegitarians too but she said no it is not for kitties. That was one years ago. She never ated meats anyways so it wasn't very difficults.

2. The beans switched all the lights in our house to Energy 'fficient!!! That was about 1/2 years ago. You should do's it too.

3. We maked our own laundry dettergent last weekend. We already didded 2 loads and it looks good. Mombean put it in an old kitty litter tub!!!

4. We switchified to Swheat Scoop litters instead of clay like we used to get, that was about 1/2 years ago.

5. We switchified to cloth towelss only and not papers, about 1/2 years ago. They works great.

6. We started being more di-li-gents about recyclings. That was about 1 years ago because when the beans lived in our old 'partment they didn't have recyclings.

7. We maked our own All-Purpose Cleaner . That was a few monthses ago. Now we do not get phosphates and other bad things when mombean washes around our food bowls. It works good and there are no smells!!!

8. We planted many trees last weekends. We planted: a Blue Muffin Verbinum, two Snowball Verbinums, and an apples tree! Next weekends we are going to plant maybe one mores tree. The picshur is of how our blue muffin will look when it is all growed up. I can't wait, it says that it will attracts many birds!

9. Mombean started buying organic of shampoos and conditioners and soaps. They are at the Wal of Mart! But, a little bit more moneys than normals.

10. We joined the freecycle community on yahoo groups so that in the case we have stuffs that other people can reuse we can shares it.

11. The beans buyed an electric blankie for their bed so that in the wintertime we can keep the temprature very low during the night but still be toasty!!! They buyed one with low low voltage so it is safe for kitties and beans even if a kitty accidentally goes and scritches it up.


  1. Tybalt said...

    How wonderful of your parents, Veronica! We have energy saving lightbulbs in our house and we try to do recycling, but we have a lot of work left to do!

    Happy Earth Day!  

  2. Samantha & Tigger said...

    Veronica you and your beans ar doing a great job, being Earth friendly! Our Mom has a lot of work to do all our clothes washing detergents and household cleaners are green. We'll have to check out your formula for cleaning, cause Mom is always worried about the chemicals!
    Your FL furiends,

    PS: Did you get my brush review? I sent it to your email on Sunday!

  3. Chance said...

    I hayts ta sez it, but mai Mommie isna vewy green. She twys wif sum stuff doh, but we donna havs recyclin at owr partments. She duz uze da organsic baff stuffs doh. Dey is all frum handmade and green pwoducs from It costs lotsa green papers, but she lurves it.  

  4. Daisy said...

    You have done a lot of very wonderful things! My Mommie is a vegetarian, too. Happy Earth Day! I think your new tree will be very pretty.  

  5. Parker said...

    Hooray! All of those things are wonderful!  

  6. Cara said...

    That picture is beautifully refreshing. Earth needs to architect, it is already perfectly beautiful.



  7. Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

    It soundz like your pareentz iz bein' furry consheentshus. Diz iz good fur da plannut... & if all parentzez did tingz like dis, da earth would be much better off.  


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