Here we is, just the two of us.

Today both parents had to go to work for the whollle day and we are the bored of kittehs. However this morning only Figaro did the #1 and nobody did the #2, and I did not do the #1...So Mamaw said she might have to come back from work this afternoon for a bit to make sure we have been good about doing our businesses. I hope we get some foods when she comes.

This morning Figaro faked out his #1s three times. He scratched and scratched in the bathtub because he thinks it's funny to see Mamaw run to get him. She is seriously considering a video monitor for us because we are sometimes bad. Maybe a webcam. This was of course at the 5am of morning and that is too early for us. But this evening we are definitely increasing my size of my setup hole larger. It will be better once the movement monitor arrives that will tell everyone when a kitty is in the bathroom. I hope that means I can progress more quickly in my trainings. Also yesterday Figaro went to grandma's house for dinner instead of me because I didn't wanna go. And he showed some tricks to the families. He showed Target, Sit Pretty and Go to Mat. He's surprisingly good at that even though he is not that smart about toilet trainings. I personally am just now learning Go to Mat. but I am very smart, I just don't like to work for treats.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- your photo today makes me wish i had a little brother or sister. mommy wanted another kitty too for awhile, but now she says no way b/c she would have to start all over with the toilet training. are you glad you have fig? when your parents are gone all day, then you have someone to hangout with. that is pretty nice to have.



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