Figaro is loving up on some catnips

Here is a photo of Figaro enjoying his catnips. Mom grows catnips for us fresh in a little pot and when we have been good we get to have some. Normally we are not that interested in this particular toy but when there is the catnips on it we are loving it.

On Sundays we had the temperature like 60 degrees of farneheits and I got to go outside for a walks. But right now it is a winter advisory, below 30, and snowing a snowstorms. I can't wait for winter to finish up already! Sunday when I did my walk I practiced following on my leash and got treats. Papaw says we have had more discrete snow events this winter than ever.

Yesterday Figaro did his businesses like a good boy. It has been a long time now since he has peed in the tub although he still thinks about it sometimes, I can tell. Today I also did good but I have never ever had an accident except for when I was a baby kitten the first day I came home I did some #1 on the bedspread because I couldn't figure out how to use the door on the litterbox.


  1. Jenny said...

    keep up the good work kitties!



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