Figaro did the bad things again

Well...Yes. You have to find out sooner or later. Figaro did the #2 on the bathroom floor again. We were running around like the crazy of kittens all evening and parents went to bed. Then I did the #2 in the toilet, I was very good. Then Mom heard me so she wokened up and went to change out the #2. Then I said, Look Figaro, that's how you do the #2. Then I did the #1 and Mom had to wake up again and go change out the bowl. Then Figaro was the SNEAK and did the #2 very quietly by the toilet!!! I was like, Figaro, silly goose, don't do it!!!! But then he was not a very smart sneak because since I had just did the #2, Mom knew it was the Figaro who did the #2 on the floor. Plus then he tried to do the #1 in the bathtub and Mamaw always hears him when he does this so she wokened up AGAIN to get him and made him do the #1 in the toilet. That's when she found out about the #2!!! She was annoyed but she couldn't do the correct and re-direct method because she was too tired.

Also for Valentine's day we got to eat some beef roasts. They were very delicious.

I am thinking about moving over my bloggy to the place like Hello Kitty has, so I can post pictures and also informations about myself. And of course my reviews. I think my reviews can be important for other kitties.


  1. Jenny said...

    silly figaro! he's at it again? how big was the hole yesterday?

    the beef roasts sound delicious! that is even a better meal than what mommy had for dinner last night.

    i think it would be fun to be bloggy neighbors. freewebs is very easy to use. btw, after you choose your freewebs id (i.e mine is myhellokitten) you can go to "your account" and select a domain name. i didn't notice that until i told everyone my web address was, but i could have chosen which is much shorter. actually, i think both will work anyway.

    hello (& jenny)  


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