Figaro Doesn't Like the Number 2

Here is a cool pic of Figaro getting himself shaked off.

Ever since two weeks ago the Mamaw has been writing it down on a notebook everytime we do the number 2. This is kind of strange for me because I do not want someone finding the notebook and knowing every single day that I did the number 2 but Mamaw says it is mostly for the Figaro who is never doing the number 2. Figaro has this cat cube that is red in which he did the number 1 two times last month, so we had to put it away because he kept using it for the number 1, we still don't know why. I used to love hanging out in that cat cube and now he ruined it for everyone. But then yesterday he found the cat cube because it was all folded up and propped behind the couch and did the number 1 on the cat cube!!! Then the Mamaw was kind of annoyed and had to do the laundry of the cube and now for sure we are never seeing that guy again. Then Figaro did not go the number 2 since last Wednesday so Mamaw made him sit in the bathroom til he did the number 2, only he did it on the floor. Then I peeped in the door to see Mamaw was pretty mad at the Figaro. She did the "Correct and Re-direct" method on him by showing him his poo and saying "NO" and then he just purred and purred. I guess he mustof been the happy to not be constipated anymore. Then she said good job for putting all the poo in the toilet when they were done. Then Figaro purred some more and went in the toilet and did number 1. My brothar is the weird.

Also today it has been rainy again so we are just kind of hanging out. This morning I awakened at 4 am and had a big fight with my brothar, we were meowling a lot, until the Mamaw gave us each a separate toy and made us be good.


  1. Jenny said...

    hello veronica-
    i'm sorry your brother figaro is having such a hard time. mommy doesn't sound too happy with figaro these days. have you thought about helping him out? you are definitely the smarter kitty and you are so pretty too. i added your bloggy to my links page so my friends can find your TT blog too.

    btw, where do you live? we live in houston, tx. we are chinese and today is my first chinese new years! happy new years!

    until tomorrow,
    jenny & hello  


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