A Very Bad Thing, and some other good things

There was a shocking bad thing on Friday. Figaro did the #1 ON THE CARPET in the library!!! Mamaw was at home and she ran in the library and saw him scratching the carpet and BAM there was already the #1 in the carpet. I also tried to help him scratch it in case we could cover it up by ourselfs but we could not. Then it had to be cleaned. We think it is all cleaned up, I hope Figaro does not smell it there again and decide to try that. Then we had to close the door and Mamaw decided we have to back up to NO HOLE again. Silly Fig.

But ever since that time, Figaro did the #1 correctly in the toilet so that is the good thing. Even when parents left yesterday from 3pm until the 11pm, I did the #1 in the toilet so Fig could not do any businesses and he waited until parents got home, and did #1 in the toilet. They were very happy he did not try to do any business on the carpet or in the tub!!!

Also, because I have been the sneak, my favorite pasttime when it gets early morning sun coming up, is to go on the dresser and paw at the blinds. It makes a fun ruckus. But last night finally parents moved the dresser so when I go up there I can't reach the blinds. Now I have to find another way to be the sneak and wake Mamaw up for my foods!!!

Today is a very warm day, 50 degrees of farenheit. This is great for Indiana! I think I will get Mamaw to take me for a walk soon when it stops raining. I can wear my new sweater.


  1. Jenny said...

    hi veronica! you have a sweater? i bet you look so cute but i do not think i would like to wear clothes. i would love a photo of you. ask your mamaw if she will post one on your bloggy for me.

    the template on freewebs that mommy is using is called stylist professionals. it is under the professionals templates. you can change the photo to anything you want.

    until tomorrow!

    hello & jenny  


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