Kitty Bloggy Announcement

The announcement is here. Today I am announcing that I am the proud owner of and I am the cool of bloggiers on the block!

Here to commemorate is a photo of the Fig an I back in the autumn when it was warm outside and we could sit looking out of the patio door. Those were the good days. We can't wait for it to get warm again. Also, Figaro was such a small baby still and now he is already getting bigger than me.
So many things to tell about. First, Figaro was good and did his #2 in the toilet. And of course I did #2 in the toilet too but I always do it so it is not such a big deal.
Also, yesterday Mamaw noticed that Wal Mart is selling more of the Holiday Platters. They have it in red, blue, and lite blue. So she bought another one in case we have to backtrack. They are only $2. If anyone is interesting in our homemade method, they can purchase it too. So far, not including the toilet seat cover, we have spended about this amount:
$2 - holiday platter x 2
$2 each for pack of about 20 - Hefty serving bowls x 5
$2 - huge roll of duct tape
$2 - roll of white duct tape for taping up the lid so it doesn't look yuckyy
Total: $18. That is not such a great savings amount for a homemade setup but we like it because since Figaro is so finicky it is the easy to backtrack and really you could use less hefty serving bowls but since Papaw is the lazy about cleaning them he throws it away when he is home and we go. If you wanted to save lots of money and clean a lot you could get by with:
$2 - holiday platter
$2 - hefty bowls
$2 - duct tape
Total: $6.
So our setup is pretty cheap. If you want to get it go to Wal Mart because they don't always have those platters in the stock!
Third, when Mom was at Wal Mart she got us a very nice Birdie calendar. I will post pics later. she put in all our #2s in it and hung it in the bathroom. If it was a bad #2 she hi-lited it. There is a lot of hi-liting for the Figaro.
Oh PS. Figaro made a LOLcat of hiself. He wants you guys to vote on it:


  1. Jenny said...

    what a cute photo! fig was so little! i wish hello was little again. she was so adorable. congrats on the getting that domain name. i think your blog will come up higher in search results now that you have your own domain name and not just a free one from blogger. oh and i just voted for fig's photo. it is very funny :)


  2. Jenny said...

    hi veronica-
    i thought about getting my own domain name ( is available) but if i don't buy it through freewebs then i have to purchase a premium services package (cheapest is $49.95/year) to link it to my freewebs page. it is a mean way to make you buy through them which is more expensive ($19.95). i thought about it, but don't really want it that badly.


  3. Jenny said...

    no blog in 2 days? i'm a very sad kitty :( hope you are having a good weekend.



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