Birthday is coming UP!

This is the photo of Figaro yawning because he is bored of my discussion of the birthday of me since his birthday is not until July. But my birthday IS coming right up, it is March 25. That is when I was born, but I didn't get adopted by the parents until May 25 when I was just 8 weeks of old. My real Mom was this cat who lived in an apartment above an antique store but I don't know who my dad was, and I had 5 other brothers but I was the only girl. 4 of my brothers were also gray with long hair but one of them was a short haired calico. I don't remember this but my Mom told me because I was the first one who got adopted. My mom was also calico so I got all my good looks from my real Dad. But we never met him because he is the stray of cats I think. Here is what Mamaw told me about the baby me. She said when she came to adopt me it was at the farmer's market, and I was so sweet because she held me and I fell right asleep in her arms! Then she took me away with her, even though kitties were not allowed in the apartment. So I had to be good in hiding and not go outside of the apartment. But I know that there were other kitties in the apartment building because sometimes I saw them running around so I was not the only illegal kitty. But in two months after that parents moved to a house with a big backyard for me to go on walks in. So it is all better now. So basically I am quite sure that parents are going to splurge on something that is the cool for me for my birthday. I don't know what I want yet, maybe the bigger of cat trees. I am open to suggestions on this points.

Well, as for toilet training, this morning Mamaw was cleaning the bathroom (because Thursday is bathroom clean day) and she discoevered the #1 spot in the bathtub again. Of course it was the Figaro, we think just this morning. It was yuck because we have a drinking dish in the bathtub now and he peed right next to it. I am not drinking THAT again. As I reflect on this issue I still think it is the yuck. BUT also Figaro was good because yesterday he did the #2 all by himself in the toilet. He didn't scratch the floor or anything. However not that good since that means he is back where we were a month ago again. He is not making the good progress. And for me I guess this weekend it might be time to enlarge the hole.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- you are lucky b/c i don't know when my birthday is. mommy got me at the SPCA and so they just guessed my age. i was 3 months when i was adopted (i was adopted the first day i available for adoption), but that is just a guess. the vet said she thinks i was older than that. anyway, mommy just says my birthday is aug 1. i'll take that, but it would be more meaningful if i knew the exact date. you should tell your mamaw to put water in the tub, so figaro will have to go swimming to pee in there again!



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