I am the disappointed of Kittehs

I have recently attempted to make a blog on freewebs.com and learned that it has very ugly advertisements that take up valuable space on the top of the page. This will not do if I am planning to create a very useful and interesting website that is not annoying. Mom does not want to teach me the html or the javascript of programming, or spend too much time on our site which is why I suggested this WYSIWYG tool in the first place. I am the smart of cats. However, now we have to live with advertisements. That is okay because it means I can be in the web community of The Real Hello Kitty, we are becoming good friends now especially since we are both getting our toilets trained.

I will make the updates on my site to get it ready for publications.


  1. Shelly said...

    Hi Veronica,
    I LOVE your sweater. You have a cool mom!

    Shelly, Eleanor & Sunshine  

  2. Jenny said...

    sorry for the ugly advertisements, i never mentioned that. yes, mommy got sick of them and paid $14.95 to get rid of them (not the whole premium subscription). email me if you have more questions. i am very happy we are now neighbors and i took a look at your new site (in progress of course) and it looks fantastic! :) i like being friends with you. i especially like hearing about figaro b/c i don't have a brother or sister.

    hello (and mommy jenny)  

  3. Jenny said...

    veronica- you never bother me. don't say that! leave me as many comments on my blog as you want. i love them! and i'm mommy does too.

    hello & jenny  


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