I am the Sad of Kittehs

Today I am the sad of kittehs because my bestest friend Hello Kitty got bannified from the Yahoo Toilet Training Groups. I am posting a photo of myself when I was a small baby and had to get a bath because I had the fleas, because this is how bad exactly I feel about this incidents too. I used to have the big of ears. I think Hello is a very nice kitty and I am glad we are the friends with her. Some other kittys got kicked off too and I feel bads about them also. Today this morning one small Figaro did the #2 again on the bathroom floors. Mamaw was not very happy. She said she needs to get a motion detector so she can find out when that little Figaro is trying to be the sneak in the bathroom and do stuff on the floors.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- thank you for your post today. you are such a good best friend. i am sad that i got kick out of the group too, but i am happier that you are figaro are my friends. smile b/c we still have our blogs to leave notes for each other and to keep up-to-date all the time.

    and i know you're supposed to be sad in the photo today, but i think you are really adorable in it. those big ears are just too cute! (but i'm happy for you that you grew into them.)

    hello kitty (& jenny human)


  2. Shelly said...

    Oh my goodness! I'm sad too :(
    BTW I love your new blog site.

    Shelly, Sunshine & Eleanor  


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