Toy Review

Well we have been doing okay with the toilet training. Figaro is back to a pencil sized hole and he did not go #1 or #2 anywhere except the setup since this weekend now. Although, he sometimes has to go with no hole still because he is very silly.

I wanted to post this review of all my toys that I have for all the other kitties in case they are interesting to know how good some toys are, because some toys are good and some toys are not so good. This is the precursor to my future posts about what toys I am the WANTING of, because my birthday is coming up in March and the parents said I could make a wishlist but it has to be of the reasonable kinds. (Which sucks because that means, no ginormous cat tree even though I want one!!!)

Cat Tree - We have a 2 tiers cat tree from eBays. It is red so it matches the parents' couches. I love this cat tree because usually it is by the window in the family room also by the fireplace so it is warm there and I can see the birdies. This is where you can watch birdies the best and Figaro likes to sit on the bottom step and hang out. Of course I wish it were the taller.

Cat DVD - For Christmas I asked for the DVD of cat, "While You Are Gone." We got it from Amazon. It has some nice fishes, ducks, birds, and squirrelz. Sometimes Mom turns it on while we are home alone. We like to watch it for maybe 10 seconds but then we stop. We got it because our friend Maddie had one and she really likes to watch hers but hers is cooler although we thought this one would be cooler. But since we don't like to watch too much I don't think parents are going to ever get us another one. (The picture is of the us watching the DVD on the cat tree)

Da Bird - This is one of our coolest toys ever. We already eated one of the refills so it got replaced. Now we are watched to make sure we are not eating it. Of course it was all fine until Figaro eated it.

Cat Catcher - This is from the makers of Da Bird and we already chewed through the cord so it is not any longer attached to a wand. This is even better than Da Bird. We got on Amazon. Right now Figaro is playing with it.

Cat Cube - This cat cube is the awesome. I got it for my 6 months birthday. However Figaro did the number 1 in it a bazillion times and now I can't play in it anymore unless the parents are keeping close watching. Even then Figaro is always trying to climb in it and do some business while I am busy having fun. This one is from the Wal Mart. Its a pic of me using it on my 6 months birthday when it was brand news.

Mom's Hair Ties - We are obsessed with these. We steals them all the time. She has many many of them, all black in elastics. We chew them and chase them and have awesome times. There are so many under the bed where she can't reach. That's where we put them to hide when we are done playing.

Cy-Purr Mouse Sound Activated Toy - We hate this toy, it is absolutely scary. The sound is scary and everything about it is scary. Mom got it for me when I was first a small kitten and Papaw disabled the sounds on it so it would be less scary but I still hate it. We never play with it. And recently mom took it out to see if maybe Figaro will like it now that he is older but it is not working anymore. Mom said it is waste of our moneys. We got at Petsmart.

We have a few mores toys but I have to go do some #1s now in the toilet so I will post more laters.


  1. Jenny said...

    happy valentines day, veronica and figaro!

    i liked seeing all your toys. do you have a cat play tunnel? mommy found one cheap at target for about $8-9. they are usually $20 at pet stores so she bought it for me.
    i love to play with my mommy's hair elastics too. i was chasing one yesterday and mommy was standing there laughing at me b/c i was so cute. i'm not smart enough to hide them though. and i think it would make mommy mad! oh and tell your mommy that my kitty tree is from they are a lot cheaper there (and offer free shipping) than most places.

    hello & jenny  

  2. Shelly said...

    Hi Anya & Veronica & Figaro!
    I love your toy review. What a great idea! One of Sunshine & Eleanor's favorite toys is the laser.

    Shelly, Sunshine & Eleanor  


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