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Yesterday since it was warm outside I got to go outside for a walk. But it was very windy. Everytime I go for a walk I get cheese treats, which I definitely like. Here is me checking out the flower pot in front of our house. Mamaw says that in the spring we are going to get some tulips that will come out of there because they are already some bulbs inside of the pot but I am not quite sure I believe her about this.

Also, I have a new sweater that is purple and white. The white part is very soft and fluffy. I like to wear it when I go outside since it is cold outside. Mamaw made it for me using this book called "Pampered Pooches" which is really for puppies but she modified it for kittens. This is her second knitting project, she also made a scarf. She is waiting for Figaro to grow bigger and he can get a sweater too. I actually like wearing it a lot even though I know most cats do not like wearing stuff. I think it is because I have been harness trained since I was just 2 months of old! here is a picture of me on my walk yesterday in my new sweater.

Finally yesterday the wheat grass got ready for me. What I mean is that every two weeks Mamaw plants me some wheat grass, and then I have to wait about 4 days before I get it because it has to grow. Then, when it is ready, we get to have it out for about 2 weeks until we eat it all or else it wilts and Mamaw plants some more. This was an especially luscious batch. Figaro does not eat any because he does not like greens.

Also, Figaro did the #2 yesterday in the toilet after a lot of coaxing from Mamaw. This is his first non-floor #2 for a week! It is because Mamaw made him go before bed, while usually he tries to be the sneak and go on the floor while everyone is sleeping. You won't see embarrassing

photos of me on this site but here is one of the Figaro doing his #1. (Hohoho).

Let me now get back to the point of this posting. Today I will share some business plans if anyone is interesting. And I do not mean #1 or #2 kinds of businesses. I am going to start a better website
with more informations about all my opinions on everything. However it will take some time to come up with a good design. I have to use the olive green since it is my favorite color, but I also want to be quite professional and serious.


  1. Jenny said...

    i really enjoyed your blog today. you look very pretty in your purple and white sweater. i'd like one too, but it is very warm in houston. i don't think i would ever get to wear it. mommy bought me some wheat grass right before christmas, but i did not eat it. it wilted and mommy threw it away and said it was a waste of $5. hahaha, that is a really embarrassing photo of fig. does he know you posted it? but i'm glad he was a good boy last night. maybe your mamaw show sit with him in the bathroom every night before bed or lock him in there until he does #2. if you do it every night, he will probably start understanding that he will not be able to leave the bathroom until he produces some business first. good luck on your new website. i can't wait to see it!

    hello & jenny  


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