Ohh the toilet seat is the fluffiest

Well yesterday the Mamaw install the new toilet seat which is the fluffiest and it is for the kitten eyes only. It is in the bathroom I unfortunately have to share with the Figaro. Also this morning when I went the #2 (the Mamaw said it is not the appropriatest to say poo because it is the offensive and I am the good of kittens) anyway when I went the #2 I did it right in the toilet and my feet were feeling the fluffiest of the toilet seat. It is yellow like a baby chicken which would be the delicious for a snack.

Also this morning I was the loudest of the kittens and I kept making noise and getting on top of the shelving units when I was supposed to be still sleeping. The Figaro was still sleeping because he is pretending he is the good of the kittens when this is not really the case because he is the not very smart. I know because last night he had the #1 accident in the bathtub again but I was not allowed to take the picture of it.



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