Hello Peeps


I am new on the blog. This is because I was not that old enough before to write on the blog but now I am already almost 1 years old, in fact my birthday is coming up in the March of this year. Recently my Mom teached me "clicker training" and we signed up on the T-Training Yahoo group. By the way I am not using my full last name just M because it is the long last name too hard to pronounce. There are 13 letters I think and I just learned to count so that is a lot.

Also by the way I am named after the Veronica Mars who is a the very smart of detective girls. I am also the very smart, for example I was the sneak on the countertop this afternoon and find out that the parents buy some bananas. I can only conclude this means they are the intent on getting their "5 a day" of the fruits and of the vegetables. Also for another example I sneaked in the library and find that the parents put glass shelving on all the bookshelvings from which I can only conclude that they are trying to sensor me from reading. I do not have the doubt that this will not work because I am the smart.

I also have a little brother Figaro, but he is just turned 6 months old this month so he is much younger than me. He pretty much copies the everything I do. Except use the toilet like a normal cat. But that is another issue.

We also started being toilet trained in November. This sucks because instead of using the litter box like the normal cat we have to use the toilet like a crazy person. I do not know who invented these things but I am good at using it. I will probably upload some pictures of the toilet later because it is the anamoly of my existance. The brother though he pooed in the bathtub like two times last week and I would post pics of that too but the Mamaw will probably say no that is not allowed. But he is kind of the idiot in the family that is why he did it I know.

We also wear claw caps for our nails because we did not have the declaw operations but our Papaw was arguing that we will be the ruin of the furniture so we had to get caps. They are kind of annoying to put on but they are the beautiful of my nails. I have pink manicure and I bet I am the best looking of the cats in all the town. But the Figaro is having blue nail caps since he is the boy although he does not like them I know since he is always yelling when the Mamaw puts them on him. If you have more questions about that you can ask me because you can get many colors of the stylish accessories.

Lastly we eat the homemade food that is prepared by the Mamaw. Sometimes it is the funny because she is eating the cereal and we are getting the home cooked turkey in the gravy and the giblet. This is the very delicious. For a treat we get the fishes. Although sometimes I still like to have some of the kibbles they are not as tasty. Also the Mamaw said the other day that the homemade food is the better for the tummies because it does not have the by-products or the beets pulps.

I think this is it for now because I need to go chase my brother and make him stop being the annoying.





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