Mebil Monday - I pick furnitures.

This weekend I decided that it is high time that parents get furniture in their bedroom. Right now we all sleeps on a mattress and this is not an acceptable location for a Queen Veronica like me to spend Caturday lounging. So I call today "Mebil Monday" because "Mebil" means furniture in Russian and I am 1/4 Russian. I picked out some furnitures for the parents online and then did a photo-shop. We do not have curtians also only blinds which I broked, so I figured I should use parents credit card to get some curtains also.

This is the furniture I picked, it is from Modern Line Furniture in New Jersey, but they ships to the mid of west where we live. I photoshopped the walls white because that is their colors, and also the carpets, in our real house. Then I added in our window which is very big that I love. I picked some curtains from Ikea and added in myself on the bed and Figaro on the floors (that is how it should be). We also already have some mirrors like on the left there. But we would has to get some new pictures to look like those. I definitely like my decorating style. I was thinking a light lavendar for the sheets though instead of white because the curtain is dark purple, regal purple fit for a Queen!!!

PS...parents were going to start our next step in toilet training this weekend but they didnt' because they had a party and then mommie was out all of Sunday and we are going to start that training very very soon but not yet!! Hee.


  1. Tybalt said...

    Veronica, you certainly have a great sense of style! I like your design.  

  2. Parker said...

    Wow - I think you have a promising career as a decorator! I like your taste!  

  3. DEBRA said...

    Have you ever thought about becoming an interior designer?


  4. Daisy said...

    That is very beautiful furniture! And you did a good job designing the room, too. Veronica, I think you have a new career!

    ps: You were very right to put yourself on the bed and Fig on the ground.  

  5. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    wow Veronica! you have an amazing talent for decorating. your mommy should give you that plastic card and let you decorate however you want.
    that bed looks very comfy too.  

  6. Dark n Stormy said...

    so how did you do on Amber? I'm anxious to hear!!
    I just had my final graduation (after 11 years of school & training) and it's been a crazy couple months! I think it was good to stay on the same tray for a while. We are back on the Regular Green.
    I hope to put some new pics up soon.
    I'm moving next week and I wonder how they will do with a hotel toilet and a sublet apt toilet...
    If they do well on Green, I will stop there. As long as things are going in the toilet, I'll be happy :)


  7. Mary said...

    Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com  


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