We gotted our top of lap back again a week ago from the fixing operation they didded at HP. And here it is broked again. It turns off for no reason. Anykitty, if you has HP Pavilion lap of top, and it has power issues, HP will fixes it for free even if it is out-of-warranty because they has identified it is THEIR FAULTS! So - back it is going, for free, to be fixified. I remember when I had to go for my fixing operation it was not fun. This fixing operation has not been fun for our lap of tops either. Here is a photo of the Figaro showing his lap of top skills. He does not like to use the mouse, he preferrs the touch-pad.
Speaking of the Figaro, dadbean did a very bad thing to him yesterday. He cutted off his toe-tufts! He said toe tufts are not for boys. Mommie tried to stop him but he refused to reconsider. Now the Fig has no cute toe tufts anymore.

Also, this week-end we are starting on the amber disk of our LitterKwitter. We have been on the red disk for a long time now with only one acc-ident of the Figaro that happened over 2 weeks ago. So we think it is time...maybe. I will keep you posted on the adventures of the Figaro and his toilet trainings!


  1. Tybalt said...

    Oh, Fig lost his toesie tufts?!?!?! OH NO!!!! I Love my toesie tufts! Mommy kisses them and pets me and tells me I'm CUTE! Poor Fig! I hope he wasn't too traumatized.

    Good luck with the training. I think you are very brave kitties to be using the bean's litterbox!

    Sorry about your laptop - I hope it is completely fixed when it comes back this time. Purrrs!  

  2. DEBRA said...

    Fig say it ain't so...no toe puffs....awww we has tagged you come on over and see...


  3. Daisy said...

    I am sorry your computer is having some problems. Computers are hard!

    Poor Figgie, I love toe tufts!  

  4. Marina said...

    Hi Veronica!

    That is too bad about Figaro's toe tufts, I tried to cut Chester's one time, (because he likes to play fetch, but runs so fast and can't stop and hits the wall super hard) But he wouldn't let me!!

    I am excited you guys are starting on your orange this week. I remember when Chester first saw the water he did not like it at all! At first I just put the red disk inside the toilet bowl on top of the water, (because water is really scary) and then since that was such a pain to use (Chester and I share a toilet) I just taped a plastic container lid ontop of the hole, and cut away tiny pieces.

    Good luck to you guys! I know you will do great.

    Oh and also, if there are certain spots where Figaro likes to make accidents, tape stuck down sticky side up really helps!!!

    -Marina & Chester  

  5. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Is yoor daddy nutz? Boys toy tufts is cute. Yup, dey really attract da gerl cats.  

  6. meemsnyc said...

    Oh no, sorry for the computer problems. That is the worst and most frustrating!!  


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