Parents out of town again - 24 hours only!!!

Parents are going to be gone for 24 hours this weekend. This means. Well, last time we had a party and this time we are Not Allowed because all you kitties who camed over made a big, big mess! So, parents were not too pleesed.

So instead, I will be hanging out with Figaro and we will entertians our own selfs (although if one of you wants to stops by and say hi, we will not object to some help with being hooligans, and homegrowned nip will of course be plentiful for all to shares...shhhhh!)

I will be putting the bitey on and licking up things I normally should not be allowed to play with. Here I will list some of the (sometimes odd) things I like to bite on.

1. I like to bite on toothpaste rolls until the toothpaste squeezes out, but I hates mint taste so then I go "yech!" and move on.

2. The other day mom did not screw her contacts lens case tight enough so yes I took off the top and licked up the saline solution. And yes I may have eated the contacts too, at least, they are nowheres to be found. Mommie said good thing she has 2 weeks disposables soft kinds. I hope in two weeks she lets me eats them again but prolly not.

3. I like to put bitey on mom's hand lotions and face wash. I do not knows why because that taste is yuck too but the smell is di-vine!

4. I like to put the bitey on Figaro. That is a given.

5. I like to put the bitey on the cereal bags. But those are always putted away, except for the last time parents went on vacations they forgotted and I ate a lot of cereals, my favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios but we have to get generics to save money and packaging so instead we gets Malt-O-Meal Scooters. But it is same thing.

6. I like to put the bitey on Figaro. Oh, I already mention that.


  1. Daisy said...

    Hahahaha! Veronica! Eated contact lenses! You are a very silly kitty.  

  2. Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

    Does eatin contact lenses mean ya can see inside yerself?  

  3. Katie & Da Katz said...

    I ated a human hair whn I waz jus da size uv Mawmeez hand.

    -Boo Bear

    Let us knohs if your tummee seez bettur now.

    - Daffy Daisy May  

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    if my mommy left for 24 hours, i'd do lots and lots of sleeping. it would be nice not having her waking me up all the time to hug and kiss me. although, sometimes it's really nice. i wish i could come over.

    your BFF,


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