Thursday Thirteen - 13 summer adventures

Because summer is approaching (next week for solstice!) very soon, I will list the 13 things that kitties can do this summer to relax and enjoy their selfs. Remember, a well-rounded life is extremely important.

1. you can take a nice, long nap with a soft blanket. This experience is better if the room is air-conditioned because otherwise the blanket might get too hot. Here is a photo of the Figaro getting ready for a nap with his brand new visitating blankie. Mommie got it for him as a present for doing so well on his therapy cat testing. It is the perfect size for him.

2. Sit in the window and watch the birdies outside. There get to be even more birdies in the summer for you to enjoy plus the window is usually open.

3. Have a nice cold piece of chickun and drink it down with some heavy creamer if you is allowed that stuff

4. Let the parents brush you a lot becuase otherwise the hairs will accumulates and you will get very hot.

5. If you run around like crazy maniacs, remember to do it at night and in the parent bean's room, because that will be the coolest time of the day and also the coolest place in the house

6. Ask the parent beans nicely to take you out for a stroll. For example today Fig and I will be outside helping mombean wash the car

7. Find a nice sunny spot and lay down on your back to let your tummy get a nice baking

8. If you go on your walk there are many many bugs to chase

9. If you go on a walk definitely eat some grass but not enough to make you throw up after or you might not get to eat grass again!!! I love grass.

10. If you have a pond outside whoooohooo, get a fish and convince the parents to let you catch and eat it. (I did not get to do this yet but we are working on it)

11. Get a kitty stroller and ask parents to take you out on a long walk in the woods! (We did not get to do this yet either)

12. Ask the parents to run some cool water in the batthroom sink and stick your head under it to cool off (I did this every morning the past week, it feels so good but Fig thinks I am weird)

13. Learn to open the screen-door so you can let yourself out whenever you feels like it. It will be more convenient for your beans. Figaro learned how to do this and now he can go outside and let me out to whenever he likes!!! Unfortunately when Mom found out she started LOCKING that door!!! I guess it is not such a good idea...


  1. Tybalt said...

    That looks like a great blankie, Fig!

    Those were all great ideas Veronica - I've mostly been napping because it is TOO HOT, but maybe I should give some of your ideas a try.  

  2. Daisy said...

    That is a very good blanket for Fig because it looks nice with his fur colors.

    I think I would like to do some of the things on your list. Where I live it is getting too hot for strollering. At least, that's what my Mommie says.  

  3. Kellie The Orange Cat said...

    Those sound like great things to do in the summer. My Mum boughted me a stroller and I still have NEVER been strollering, except in the house - that is criminal - I must remember to harass the Mum about this!  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Some of those things sound very interesting. We can go outside by ourselves, so we do not need a stroller or harness. We do not think we would care to dunk our heads!!  

  5. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    We like it when it is a nice summer day and all da windows is open...den we nap in a nice breeze.  

  6. neverfull said...

    fig is growing into a very handsome mancat. i miss you guys a lot!

    your BFF,
    hello & mimmy  

  7. goldenshade said...

    Nice blanket!! Those sound like good ideas. It isn't too hot here yet but I bet it's coming.
    Purrs Shade and Goldie  

  8. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    Those are all great ideas, except for eating chicken (Dragonheart is allergic to chicken) and being brushed - we think brushing would hurt our skin since we have no fur.  

  9. Karl & Ruis said...

    Great things to do in the summer, Veronica and Fig!! But may we add a fourteenth one? ;) #14 -- take a long vacation and travel a lot!

    Today we ended our honeymoon and Karl will stay in the Netherlands for a week. Yes, from one vacation in an other...

    Back home now we want to thank you both for attending our special day!!

    Hugs and love from us,
    Karl & Ruis

    PS - Yes, we wear our wedding glasses everyday, and they are real 24th century ones -- with one click on a tiny button they can change colors.:)  

  10. blkcatgal said...

    Thanks for the great ideas, Veronica. I like the ones about going outside because I LOVE going outside. My mom never lets me go out enough!

    ps. She only will take me out if I have my leash on....

    (visit me, Ernie and Zoey at  


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