An Update

I have not been posting much recently because my little brother has been taking all the attentions with training to be a Therapy Cat (see his bloggy on And also because our lap of tops is in the shop until tomorrow when it is getting Fed of Ex'ed to us. So I did not be able to post any photographs.

There is not much going on recently. We are still on the red disk of toilet trainings. I think this is week 4 for us this week. Mom hopes that we will move on to the next stage next week but she thinks probably not because of the stubborn-ness of the Figaro. Also we haven't been learning new tricks because Mom has been busy in the gardenings. And it is even TOO HOT for us to spend anytime out of doors! Boo.

Pees out,



  1. goldenshade said...

    Sounds like a good time to catch up with your naps! :)

    purrs, Shade and Goldie  


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