13 things Weerd about the Fig - Thursday Thirteen

I find there is many things weerd about my brothar. He is so weerd and doesn't always act like a normal kitteh. Here are some things that makes him act like a hooman or a doggie and not like a kitty!!

1. He likes to wear CLOTHES. Mombean buys him Target kitty fashions. He likes to wear his Harvard shirt and also he got a new fashion for July 4th holidays.

2. He demands attentions all the time when mombean is paying attentions to ME. This is just like a hooman brother. If my mombean pays attention to Fig and not me, I just relaks and do something else.

3. He plays "fetch" like a doggie! But only with Q-tips.

4. He wants to become a Therapy Cat! You can reads about those adventures on his bloggy. He will be the only therapy cat in the entire club, everyone else is doggies!

5. He likes to talk. His meows always sounds like he is yelling "Maaoooaammm" He is always yelling for our mommie to come gets him.

6. He doesn't likes to attackify ants or spidars. Just today he was watching a spider and not attackifying him, so I pounced and eated that spidar, he was pretty crunchy like a good snack. Figgy just sitted there and watched me!

7. He always gots to sleep in the parent bed when it is bedtime. Even if parents are a little bit late coming home around 10pm he is already in bed all by his self for bedtime. I only sleep in the parent bed if parents are there and I think I will get treatses. He is so weeeird.

8. Last time he went to the V-E-T he actually purrified while he was getting S-H-O-T-S!!! When I was at the V-E-T I always practice hissing. I am a very good hisser.

9. He likes chocolate milk although he is not allows to have any. One time he drinked dad's chocolate milk when he wasn't looking and throwed up all over the floors!!!

10. He prefers to stay in and not get his paws dirty instead of going outsides!! I always go outside when I am allowed.

11. He lets mombean takes him for a walk carrying him around for 1/2 miles. After 1/2 miles though he gets boreds and wants to go in.

12. He is not a very good hisser, he only hissed once in the whole time that I knowed him.

13. Mombean got him a scale to weigh his self and instead of being upset and embarrassed he stepped right up on the scale and sat patiently while he gotted weighed. He is 10 pounds 8 ounces. That is so big for a kitty who is not even a man-cat yet!!! I am a girl so I did not like to be weighed.


  1. Colby and Cheddar said...

    furry nice post!

    We are bruvvers, too, and yes they are weird! I mean him, not me. They attack you when you aren't lookAAAARGGGHHHH!


    See what I mean?


  2. Daisy said...

    Brothers are weird. But Fig also sounds very special! I do not really know how to hiss, either. But my sister Pixie is good at hissing.  

  3. Eric and Flynn said...

    My brofurr Flynn is always hissing, sometimes at me, and sometimes at fings he sees on the floor. He's nuts.

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    mimmy hasnt' been practicing her hissing much lately. i fink that is a good sign. i liked your thursday 13.

    yur bff, hello  


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