Cheezeburgerz on Thursday

For my new holiday "cheezeburgers on thursday" i maded a lolcat. I likes to see what kittehs postings on the I can has cheezeburger site. And today I maded my own lol which is a commentary for all kittehs on the increesing gas prices and hi unemployments. Kittehs are spechally struck by high unemployments since we don't even gets worky visas!

Here is my lolcat. Pleez votes on it!!!

Usually Figaro is making the lolcats but today I didded one.


  1. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    We gave yoo five cheezburgers Veronica...we love dat site!  

  2. Daisy said...

    I went and gived you 5 cheezburgers, too! Good luck! I have made some, too, but they never get to the front page.  


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