Feral Cat Day and Fishies

Hi kitties,

We are happy to get an email from Alley Cat Allies that today is Feral Cats Day. I personally spend $8 every month automatically to support those feral cats!!! Because of that, I have been getting many mails just for me. The ASPCA usually sends me mails. I am awaiting to be sent a credit card application very soon! It is funny how I gotted on the mailing list and get my own mails, sometimes I get more junk mails than my mommy!!

BUT Figaro did get $50 from the PetSmart for being a top 10 finalist last month. Because of that, Mommy said we can get a good present. Our fishies are "feral" because they are outside in the pond. But they cannot stay in there in the winter because it will freeze to a solid block since it is only 2 feet of deep. So the fishies are coming inside. At first, they were going to go in a tupperware far away in the off-limits room. But since Figaro got his moneys, he decided to buy an AQUARIUM for the fishies. This means that the aquarium will be in the living-room, and mommie said as long as there is a tight lid on it we can put it on kitty-eye level. This will be GREAT ENTERTAINMENT for this winter!!! I am very eggsited. Do you see the photo of our fishie? That one is called Milton. Where should we get our aquarium? Fig is looking for it on the interwebs.

- Veronica


  1. Jen said...

    haha, cool!  

  2. Vincent and Mike said...

    Yoor very own quarium, that's very cool. We think we would like one of those.  

  3. The Island Cats said...

    We are Alley Cat Allies too!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

    pee ess. we thinks it's cool you're gonna get an quarium...then you can watch the fishes all day long!  

  4. Daisy said...

    That is a very good idea Fig had to use his winnings to help take care of the feral fishies this winter!  

  5. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    You are lucky to have such cool fish!  

  6. neverfull said...

    congradulations fig on getting top 10! you are handsome like brad pitt, but more cuddly. and tell your mom congrats on the burpy baby too! that is wonderfurry news.

    hello and mimmy

    p.s. we get alongs now!  

  7. Karen Jo said...

    It is so great that you are getting an aquarium for your fishies. You should have lots of fun watching them this winter.  

  8. Dorydoo said...

    FISHIES! Oh, what fun, to have fishies in the house. They look so yummy... oopsie, I mean interesting.

    Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes. I had a lovely day!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.  


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