Mommy made a cute

Hi kitties,

Mommy is still making things for the new blurpy baby that is coming for our friend. Lookit, last weekend she decorated the Nursery of the blurpy baby! He is going to be a boy and all the family loves Snoopy. We do not loves snoopy so much because he is not a kitty, but we still think it looks cute. Plus the woodstocks looks delectable. Figaro would eat them if he coulds!
She first drawed the Snoopys on papers and then we tored up the papers a little and then she took them over to the blurpy baby's house, and then the blurpy's mommie used a projector to projectify the images and Mommy painted them on the wall. The paints are purply-beige, a very nice "new neutral" that is so popular these days. Also the walls are yellow like daisies. This baby is going to be so happy in his new room!

I think it is NOT the last thing we are helping make for that blurpy baby. He is loved a lots and lots.



  1. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    That is lovely artwork. Do you help?  

  2. Daisy said...

    Ah, it looks so cheerful and happy! Just perfect for a new bebbeh.  

  3. Alasandra said...

    Your Mommy is very talented. The room looks lovely. ~S,S & C  


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