A little toilet training update

Hello kitties,

Our toilet training has been going great! We are now on the inter-amber disk of the LitterKwitter. FINALLY Figaro is being good. We have been on inter-amber for exactly 1 week. Figaro has had ZERO accidents. (I do not even discuss myself but of course I had zero accidents too...)
Mommie thinks we will be moving on to the next step (amber) disk in 3 more weeks. She decided we should take 1 month on every step. We will probably have to spend some time on amber over inter-amber, like we did interamber over red. The good news is, we are progressing!!! (slowly..) Also, almost every time Figaro does a #1, he goes directly in the toilet, and all we has to do is flush!!! However when I use the toilet, I go on the edge of the disk and it still has to be cleaned, but that is because I am practicing proper positioning on the seat.

However we will be not using the system for 2 whole weeks in October, 1 week when the parents are at a conference, and another whole week when we are having a guest visiting us.

- Veronica


  1. Daisy said...

    I am glad that your toilet training is going so well! You are good kitties!  

  2. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    You are doing very well on that!  


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