Remember when we said Figaro will be getting a birthday present from Uncle S. because of his $10 gift card? Well today I helped him pick out his present on the internets.

Here is what we are getting. There are a lot of mice because that is our favorite. Also - all the things we are getting is organic and natural. This is very good for the environment, better than our other miceys which are not organic or natural but we play with all of them anyways. They are from Whisker City. We gotted him some Wool Mice (pictured on the left), some Sisal Feathered Mice, and a set of small organic mice. In total I thinks we gotted like 9 mices for only $10.

That is pretty much a very good deal. I helped Figaro find a good deal of course. When they arrrive we are going to show pictures of us playing with them. I hopes they come before parents leaves on vacation so we can get them to help us postify everything on the internets.


  1. Parker said...

    Sweet choice! I like those mousies too!  

  2. Daisy said...

    You picked some very good toys!  

  3. goldenshade said...

    Great mice! The PM here is making wool felted mice too!

    purrs Shade  

  4. Sweet Praline said...

    Neat mousies!

    So, your mom and dad are going on vacation, too. I am working on a house trashing party while my mom is gone. Stay tuned!  


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