Perseid Shower

I normally do not like showers because I do not like to get wet but we really liked the Perseid Shower. My mommie woke up at 4 AM and of course I was already awakened, and she took me outside and we saw FOUR shooting stars. That is more than how old I am which is 1 and one-fifth years old. I very much like to go outside especially at 4 in the morning. After we got back in I thought we were going to get fed but that was too early so I had to wait impatiently until it actually got light outside for breakfast!

Also. Here are some updates about our toilet training. We are now using the inter-amber disk with the red disk underneath of it for Figaro. Strangely it is very hard for him to adjust to it. He really does not like to go so now he is only doing the #1 two times per day or even 1 time. Mommy has to make him. On the other hand, I am only using the inter-amber disk without the red disk underneath. This is too easy for me. If I was the only one in training, I would be moved up to amber right now! But we are going verrry slowly so Figaro will not have any accidents. He ALMOST had an accident on mommie's important files in the den, but she caught him scritching around and stuck him on the toilet!!


  1. Daisy said...

    Oh rats, I forgot to look for the meteor shower! I'm glad you saw some shooting stars.  

  2. Derby said...

    It was cloudy here, so we didn't bother to get up. Mum got up last year and saw them.  


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