My Decoratings - Furniture Friday :)

Hi Kitties,

Remember in June when I picked furnitures? Well, these furnitures have arrived and now I have a classy classy bedroom just to myself (and the parents and Figaro, but basically to myself, at least during the day!) It has lovely curtaions (from Ikea) and a modern furniture called Wenge Emily from ModernLineFurniture. I used my plastic over the internets and it came straight to our house and into our garage for the parents to unload! I am pretty sure that the parent's government rebate check will cover the costs. If not they wll just have to work a little bit extra. I am so thoughtful. Do you see the lamp on the picture here, it is from IKEA too. We likes that store.

Here are some photos of us enjoying this furniture. There is a comfy king-sized bed, nice nightstands that are perfect for me to curl up on, and of course a beeauutiful dressing table with a mirror. I sits up there and tries on mommie's jewelries.

You can see Figaro thinks he will be sleeping on this bed. In fact now he spends the whole day sleeping there while mommie is at work.

If you can click on the pic-shur you can see the closeups of our new window curtains. They are very beauuu-tiful.

All I needs is a nice soft microfiber throw in dark purple to match the curtains. Where shall I buys it? I did not see one anywheres.


  1. Daisy said...

    That looks very, very beautiful! Veronica, you have excellent taste.  

  2. Sweet Praline said...

    What a beautiful room! We can't wait to hear about the numerous kitty battles to see who gets to sleep on the new bed. Hee! Hee!  

  3. Karen Jo said...

    I think that bed is plenty big enough for two kitties and two beans. It looks very comfy. The room is lovely. I like the curtains very much. You have very good taste, Veronica. I hope you find the perfect throw very soon.  


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