I like to sit on the bar chair while Mommie cooks up something nice, and she gives me a tiny bits of the foods if I ask sweetly AND don't go on the countertop. Here are the 13 things I likes to eat that I bet other cats do not.

1. Popcorn - it is also funny to play with. I specially like Orville Redenbacker Natural Simply Salted Flavour. Usually I get one popcorn.

2. Ice Cream - I especially like Edy's Vanilla. Sometimes daddy gets Chocolate Chip and then I can only have some if the chocolate chips are picked out. It is very lickable

3. Cookie Dough - I gets to lick the plate when Mommie makes cookies

4. Carrots - I like 'em if they are cooked, they are very sweet.

5. Pasta - I like uncooked pasta, my special favourite is the kind with spinach and cheeses on the inside. I can usually have one piece.

6. Bread and butter. I really prefer Panera breads sourdough bread, but any bread is fine really. If mommie goes to Panera she brings me some left-overs.
7. Cheeses. Lately I have been getting a little bit of Sharp Colby from Vermont. Both me and mommie thinks it is very deli-cious.
8. Milk. I like to drink a little bit of milk, but a lot of kitties like that! Mommie doesn't drink milk usually so I don't get it very often.
9. Pumpkin puree. This is very good and actually pretty healthy so I can have some in the morning with my break-fast. It is good with a nice piece of chickens.
10. Skittles. I like to lick up a skittle all around until I gotted all the coating off. Then I don't want it anymore. I usually don't get one of these, only by accident if one gets dropped, because red skittles can make a BIG mess on white carpet if they are licked.
11. Toothpaste. For whatever reason I like to put the bitey on the toothpaste. I am not allowed to do this and I do not like mint flavours, except in toothpastes.
12. Same thing goes for contact lenses solutions and lotion. Sometimes those things get hided from me and I have to search for them. I am learning to open the drawers so I can be a better searcher. So far I did not succeed in being a good sneak about that.
13. Feet. I like to lick feet. I do not know why, I think they tastes very good. Of course I do not put the bitey on them. Usually I lick strangers feet to see if they tastes okay. Then I hide under the bed!!!


  1. The Meezers said...

    between the three of us, we like all of those things!!!! and:

    corn husks
    brussels sprouts  

  2. Daisy said...

    Veronica, you like some very interesting things! Sometimes I like to eat a popcorn, but many times I just chew it all up and spit it out when it gets slimy. Pumpkin puree is very good for you!  

  3. The Island Cats said...

    Those are some pretty funny things to eat...some of them we likes too...like ice cream. Ernie and Zoey likes feets too...they don't know why either...they just do.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  4. Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

    Thats great stuff ta like! We haven't tried most of them, but we are innerested in tryin a Skittles...  

  5. Katie and Da Katz said...

    dats sum furry intursting tings ta likes dehr.

    heres sum uv ours

    spunky boo likes pumpkin too!

    n Daisy likes toofpaste if it on Mawmees lips

    I likes roses n strawburries.

    daisy n spunky bof like soy milk!

    i tink bootsie like dat too, i ask hur.

    katie ann kitty too  


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