Hi Kitties,

I have some very very bad news and some instant good news. The bad bad news, Figaro swallowed a 1-foot long ribbon this afternoon. The good news, he is just fine now. I am writing so that anyone on the internet can know what to do in case of ribbon eating by cats.

First, ribbon is very very bad for kitties. You should not have any around!! Mommie was watching the ribbon the ENTIRE time and then she heard Figaro make a cough and he was sitting RIGHT by where the ribbon was. She thinked to herself, Figaro EATED the ribbon!!! :-( That is very bad.

She called our friend S. who is a vet and also our Uncle S. (who takes cares of us a lot) camed over and we had to "induce vomiting". Figaro had to take 2 teaspoons of 3% dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. He had to take 3 doses, 10 minutes apart. That is the Maximum that you can give, and you should give 1 teaspoon per 5lbs of bodyweight. This method works for dogs also. After that, it sometimes takes a while for the kitty to throw up. Figaro did not throw up for 2 hours! But that is okay. He was feeling very sick and nauseous and he was acting like he wanted to sleep a lot. He did not even want to take any Temptashuns. It is important for everyone to know if you do this method, it is o.k. if the kitty does not throws up right away. Also, you have to make sure first if the ribbon is lodged somewhere in the kitty's mouth (it wasnt.)

Finally, Figaro THROWED UP the ribbon. We are so so glad he is ok now!!!

He did not want to eat anything tonight but he is just relaxing and sleeping a little bit. Tomorrow we think he will eat something. He even made a small purr this evening.

Please keep your kitties safe and do not let them play with ribbons! And if this happens to you then call a V.E.T. immediately!!!




  1. The Island Cats said...

    We are so glad that Figaro is okay now! Yep, ribbon, string, all that long stuff is bad for us kitties! A few weeks ago Zoey ate about a foot of heavy duty string. Mom took her to the vet and they didn't induce vomiting (maybe too much time had passed) and told her we just had to wait to see if she pooped it out...if not, well, we didn't want to think about that...anyway, 2 days later, she pooped it out...all in one piece. Mom keeps string away from her now...


  2. Daisy said...

    Oh Veronica, thank you for the very excellent advice! That Figgy, he sure knows how to give a big scare. I'm glad he is okay.  


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